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Christmas Card

IMG_1810“Once in our world, a stable had something in it that was bigger than our whole world.” – C. S. Lewis, The Last Battle

As today we remember that stable, I’ve been reflecting on the doors I’ve passed through this year.  What have you seen as you’ve walked through the doors in your life?  I’ve continued to learn more about this “something” that was larger than the world – the Word of God, Jesus Christ – as I’ve walked into and out of many doors.  Walking through the doors of Starbucks I listen to students share their excitement in using writing, music, and research for God’s glory; opening the doors of the Edge Campus Ministry House I encounter students from around the world who seek community and God’s Word; walking through the front door of home I receive the love of family; entering through the doors of churchI hear words of mercy for someone who is often not merciful; and passing through the doors of authors IMG_2072like C. S. Lewis and Beatrix Potter (through both their writings and the actual doors of their homes) I’ve seen into new worlds and deeper into the one in which we live.  I’m looking forward to – and a bit nervous about – the doors that will confront me in the months ahead.

Each day may we all know the wonderful adventure of drawing closer to the “something” bigger than the world as we walk through new and familiar doors.IMG_1485

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