God in the Busyness

So, last week was one of the growing task list – and it has bled over to this week.  Contact students, buy food, send out a prayer update.  Then I look at the actual time I have and it seems a pittance.  Another day to just get through, or is it?  On one of my many phone calls yesterday I asked the person on the other end how their summer had been and we had a conversation beyond setting up meals.  It made the difference.  For even a brief moment there was a glimpse of God in relationship.

To combat the tendency to just get through the day I intended to start each hour with a prayer using Luther’s writings on the Psalms.  Here was a small way I could slow down to remember the story and see myself as part of it – becoming aware of where God is connecting with me.  As I did this I hoped that I would start seeing the many tasks not as work to get through, but opportunities to connect with God.  I can’t say I kept this up perfectly, but after I read a few psalms I returned to my work with a different attitude.

I started cleaning the house thinking of the students who would show up.  Dusting, straightening, and putting away dishes in the newly remodeled kitchen.  I wanted to prepare a place where students would feel comfortable and inspired.  Yet, also a place that would challenge them.  A place where they can rest from the busyness in their lives.

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