Writing Time

Okay, I give in.  Time to write won’t just appear in the middle of a day providing uninterrupted moments to reflect and even edit.  I don’t see anyone ushering me into a quiet writing space equipped with desk, computer, paper and pens with the admonition and permission to write.  At least it hasn’t happened yet.  And, since the days I live through recently are often scheduled to the extreme – plans to meet up with people, events to shop for, copies to make, activities to prepare, and meetings to attend – I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

So, unintentionally, writing time has slipped from my week.  I include it on every day’s to-do list, but I often fulfill that with a quick 10 minute review of a page or fast write.  Nothing that takes too much time or pain.  Yet, if I want to write, I’ll have to regularly put myself through this practice, developing ideas, writing them down, editing, and getting them ready to share through blog posts, essays, and even a book.  I don’t think anyone will be offering to do the other work for me so that I will have time to write, either.  No, I’ll need to make some adjustments myself.

If I’m going to write, I need just to write and spend the time that it takes to do it well.  Do I continue my same old pattern, a couple of hours in the midst of the weekly rush, or begin a new one, an hour or two at the beginning of my days when my mind is a bit more clear?  It’s not difficult to see which of these options may work better.  But it’s difficult to follow through.  Waking at this time is not fun.  It’s so easy to return to the warmth of the covers and hide in the world of my dreams.  Still, on the first day that I tried this new practice, though an hour later than planned, I already felt better.  I wasn’t fighting to write, but making it a priority and even having fun.

Who knows what may come of this new practice?  I’ll definitely be more actively engaged in forming ideas and remembering, developing ideas to share with others, and creating content in the midst of a usually crazy schedule.  Even if this new practice merely helps me to be more present each day, the time will be well worth it.

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